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This is by no means an exhaustive list. If you find an error, and have correct information, please let me know. I have tried to put the location of most listings.

Legions   Merchants Resources, Groups, Misc.
Resources, Discussion Groups
Online book with vast array of information
Roman Real Gear, many pictures
Links collection for Roman reenactors
Roman Great pics: Coins, gear etc.
Casting Iron Interesting "how to" for casting iron
Footwear of the Middle Ages I. Marc Carlsons extensive footwear making page.
Extensive link listing, multi period
United Nations of Roma Victor UNRV Wide ranging historical study resource.
The grandaddy of all Roman discussion forums!
Images, resources
Musica Romana Music of ancient Rome
Ludi Scaenici Music and dance of ancient Rome Really great real gear photo resource
Curle, A Roman Frontier Post Online version of out of print book. Excellent
Simon James Author, historian
Roman Holiday Roman holiday at a German POW camp, Stalag18A
Trajan's Column Online Trajan's column documentation
Vindolanda Tablets Online Mom, send me some socks and underwear...
Colchester, virtual tour Good photographs
Musculata Resource page In depth, scholarly, and unfortunately no longer there
Romans in Britain Historical reference pages
Trajan's Roman Calvary Site Cavalry info
JRMES Journal of Roman Military Equipment Studies
The Armour Archive Excellent overall armour resource
Titus Neuroleanus Personal website, good info, pictures
LEG XXX information Titus Neuroleanus Leg XXX info pages
Asellina's Caupona Civilian kitchen
Trajan's Roman Calvary Site Cavalry info site
Brigantes Nation Celtic archeoligical study group, UK
Higgins Armory Museum  
Aradour Armour Library Photographic library
Armour Archive Resource page
IRUNA VELEIA Interesting Roman site and museum in Spain
Nova Roma Excellent resources
Toga pattern generator Makes personalized toga pattern
Togaboy Useful and humorous toga information
AbleMedia Classics Technology Cntr Latin Translator
Bernhard's Nalbinding Nalbinding
Roman Costume page Some basic civilian clothing info
Discussion Groups  
Roman Metal Yahoo  
Roman Potz Yahoo  
Imperial Rome2 Yahoo  
Roman Army Yahoo